Information technology plays a key role in the success of the entire company. Our goal-oriented consulting uncovers potential for process optimization, digital transformation or securing your IT landscape.

Process consulting

To ensure that your gears mesh neatly, we work with industry-experienced experts to analyze your company’s gears for potential improvements. By using high-performance IT infrastructure, suitable processes in the ERP system or customized software solutions, we ensure efficient technical process optimization.


IT-Security consulting

We identify security risks.

As part of an IT security audit, we conduct a comprehensive IT security analysis for your company and identify critical vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure. You will receive concrete recommendations for action of a technical and organizational nature.

Our services

Technical protective measures are not enough. Human curiosity is still the deciding factor for attackers with phishing emails and crypto Trojans. We train your employees in handling IT systems and sensitive data. How to protect your data through knowledge.

We are happy to provide you with your external CISO if you do not want to or cannot build up the expertise internally. Among other things, we take on the following tasks:

Strategy consulting

Along your business goals we develop the appropriate IT strategy for several years including effort estimates for a suitable budget planning. In this way, we offer planning security and can contribute to sustainable cost optimization in the IT area with strategic decisions.

Our services

IT Due Diligence

Evaluation of the IT environment

An assessment of IT environments rarely takes place before companies merge, even though IT transformations are often a major cost driver in business transformations.

We support you in analyzing the existing IT landscape of the takeover candidate, comparing it with your structures and identifying migration scenarios. In this way, we provide you with a transparent calculation with which you can also include the follow-up costs of a company integration in the evaluation – from an IT perspective.

Absolute confidentiality is of course guaranteed at all times.